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Customer review systems drive sales

More than ever, people share their opinions and look to others for validation on your products. It is vital for your brand to use review software, to empower consumers to connect with you in an authentic way and thereby increase engagement, bolster consumer trust and grow sales.

Consumer opinions, customer reviews and other branded user-generated content are the digital word-of-mouth that people rely upon when making their purchase decisions.

User-generated content also has the advantage of being perceived as more trustworthy than branded content and should be a cornerstone of your content marketing strategy.

So start building up your rating & review strategy with One2Five's UGC platform.

Tap into the potential of your customers, cover all phases of the customer journey and gain a significant advantage over your competitors.


Our References

Some projects we are proud of

Electrolux product review management

Review Software implementation & strategy…

As part of the R&R strategy for Electrolux we implemented review software which acts as a central hub in the client’s content syndication for their brands AEG and Zanussi.

We worked closely with our client to create the overall strategy, concept, and specific KPIs. We supported in assessing the right technical infrastructure and tailored our One2Five review software to meet their needs.

With constant management and maintenance, the platform has become the backbone of our client’s worldwide R&R collection, moderation, display, distribution and analytics. The implementation of the review software increased the number of reviews displayed on their brand sites from 10,000 to over 100,000 within the first 12 months.

R & R Syndication

Increasing online sales via user reviews...

The Swiss online retailer Kaufsignal.ch decided to implement our review software - not only to collect, moderate and distribute reviews, but also for syndication purposes. Our customer review system sydnicates reviews directly between Kaufsignal.ch and Electrolux.ch.

Thanks to syndication, the cost per review significantly decreased for both partners.  Since the launch, Kaufsignal.ch has been seeing a significant increase in user statistics as well as online purchases.

One2Five UGC Platform

An end-to-end review collection solution...

The One2Five Club is a community-based webshop which provides an end-to-end solution, first conceived for a client to facilitate collecting ownership-based reviews. The offering for consumers is this: the lowest market price on products and an additional 20% cashback on top when they leave a review.

The results were not only an influx of product reviews, but also an increase in the quality of the reviews. We have fostered a rapport with our community that they understand the importance of leaving both an honest and detailed review in order to really facilitate others with their purchase decision.

UGC Campaign

An original approach to reach new target groups for The Sims...

The core demographic of gaming phenomenon The Sims is comprised primarily of teens with a high female percentage.

We created a tailor-made influencer campaign engaging the audience on platforms that share high credibility and reach within this target group like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Snapchat.

In different theme-based campaigns we collaborated with over 50 influencers and created credible and unique The Sims-related content – and inpired unsers to create and share their own content.

With this, we generated more than 20 million net reach and significantly increasing the awareness in new target groups.

Google Ratings Strategy

A company-wide reviews and ratings strategy...

User reviews on Google are often the first impression users get when looking for local businesses. Many local businesses, however, still do not tap into the full potential of Google ratings for the generation of new customers since they haven’t implemented a reviews and ratings strategy.

For the Förde Sparkasse, we implemented a company-wide reviews and ratings strategy that included all necessary workflows as well measures to sensitize the employees and to activate customers to create more positive reviews.

Review Software: Review Generation & Moderation

Improving product review quality and quantity …

Electrolux Home, the Nordic franchise retailer, is leveraging its sales using product review management. One2Five review software is being deployed to generate, moderate and display reviews. An automated post-interaction-mail (PIE) process maintains a daily income of fresh reviews. The One2Five moderation team ensures the quality and authenticity of reviews collected. Moreover, reviews are syndicated with business partners via secure API connections.

The quality and amount of reviews have been improved which contributed to a better SEO ranking. Furthermore, conversations on the website have been increased.

AEG Mobile Laundry

A new way to gather product reviews...

Our clients require a wide range of solutions to collect reviews and we are constantly striving for innovative ways to enable them to meet their goals.

The AEG mobile laundry trailer toured campsites where clean clothes are a rarity and washing machines are often a luxury. Participants could wash their clothes for free in exchange for sharing their honest experience with the product afterwards.

eCommerce loyalty program: Post-Interaction Emails

A quick and smooth review submission process...

We wanted to make the review submission process for the customers of our clients as quick and smooth as possible in order to leverage the highest conversion.

Our 'always on' review collection tool can be smoothly integrated as part of your eCommerce loyalty program.Our fully automated system sends an email to customers encouraging them to leave reviews as part of the post-purchase journey. We tested various campaigns such as having incentives and sweepstakes, with full reporting and analytics. The results were strong, with upwards of 80% of reviews coming from this source.

Community Building

Creating a unique brand community with UGC...

To increase product awareness and to create a branded b2b community, one of the world's leading FMCG companies uses our content management solution for one of their hair care product line. By creating a hashtag strategy and reaching out to hair stylists animating them to tag their content, the number of branded content on Instagram increased from 1,000 to almost 90,000 in less than two years.

Not only did we strengthen the bond of our community with the brand, the campaign also more than doubled the average retention period on the website.

UGC Content Management

Using UGC to create brand loyalty and inspire creativity...

One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of writing instruments has been using our UGC content management tool to collect and display branded content on social media. Client-specific moderation services select all relevant content pieces which then are being published on the brand website – after an automated process has cleared the rights of use.

The result: giving loyal brand fans the appreciation their artwork deserves and, at the same time, showing visitors of the website the many uses of the products.

R&R In-store Display

Generating consumer insights at the POS...

For Microsoft CH, we developed a digital signage POS solution which combines product information, purchase incitements and feedback collection.

Step-by-step scenarios offer consumers extensive how-to-tutorials. Interactive product comparisons help them to choose the right product for their needs.

After the testing, consumers are motivated to submit a product review which is collected in our hub - giving valuable insights for product development and marketing.

Influencer Campaign

Content marketing with authenticity...

The main goal of our campaign was to reach out to a young, car-enthusiastic target group for the latest installment of the Need for Speed franchise - by creating authentic, target-group-relevant content.

Together with popular YouTuber DNER, who is enthusiastic for all aspects of fast cars, we created a captivating campaign with several content pieces.

The video was a massive success and surpassed 250,000 views on YouTube, the whole campaign content reached over 2,000,000 people.


Our Solutions

Our comprehensive software solutions have you covered, regardless if it’s product reviews or social media UGC that you want to aggregate and display: our flexible packages offer you the software & services you need.

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Content Collection

An influencer photo with your product in it? An online review praising your services? Customer feedback given at the POS?

We have all bases covered. With One2Five, we offer a solution for content collection at all touchpoints: in-store and online via review frontend or interactive POS displays. In addition, our content crawling technology automatically collects published user-generated content from all relevant sources - ready to be displayed on the platform of your choice.


Content Moderation

Our advanced content moderation hub can be considered as the enabler of your user-generated content strategy. As the heart or gateway, the platform sits between your collection touchpoints and the display and distribution of the content. It is like an organ that keeps processes simple and ensures authenticity.

Content quality and moderation are essential to not mislead consumers. It is important to show valuable and relevant user-generated content. But this does not mean only showing positive content: Moderation processes and standards should prevent fraud, fake, inappropriate language and other harmful non-informative feedback. We offer impartial, trustworthy moderation services, meaning that only relevant and genuine content makes it onto the display touchpoints.

Our content moderation team is truly global, meaning that we can support you in all languages.

Product Review Management: Amplification

Our 'product families' function allows us to group your reviews and content by product similarities. This means that one review left could have double or triple the impact or even greater value as it will be displayed across all products within the same product family.

Review translation gives you the potential to display all reviews of a product across different countries on various touchpoints.

Analytics, Insights & Reporting

Our review software platform is fully equipped with reporting and analytics functionalities and can be tailored to your reporting needs. Our tool will keep you always up to date on how you are performing.

We also offer predictive analytics, an intelligent system that suggests the optimal path to reach your goals, based on targets, past achievements and financial investment.

Distribution, Display & Connectivity

User-generated content needs to be easily accessible and displayed on as many touchpoints as possible. We ensure you are on the necessary search engines, category and comparison pages, product pages, influencer pages and social media.

The FAQs and commenting feature enables your customers to purchase with confidence and grow knowledge surrounding your products by providing answers from brand experts.


Digital Point of Sale Services

Our interactive and flexible digital signage solution allows you to display your R&R directly at the POS. It includes a CMS for managing content, can be centrally administered to your stores and works fully offline.

The more easily accessible the content, the easier it is for your customers to find the infomation they need to drive their purchase decision.

Consumer Engagement

Post-interaction-emails - our ‘always-on‘ review creation tool can be easily integrated into your eCommerce loyalty program journey. Our system allows you to fully customise content and constant testing with full analytics ensures full optimisation of your content.

One2Five also helps you to identify relevant influencers for your next social media campaign. Find out who is talking about you on which channel and engage in conversation with your most valuable brand ambassadors.


We offer a wide range of services perfectly complementing One2Five - all carried out by in-house specialists.

Leverage your marketing campaigns with product sampling, influencer campaigns, events, microsites, chatbots, product landing pages or social advertising campaigns.



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  • Everything in Prime, plus:
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  • Advanced Insights
  • All Integrations
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

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  • Unlimited monthly Orders
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  • Product and / or Shop Reviews
  • Fraud Protection
  • Imported Reviews
  • Multiple Languages
  • Mail & Ticket Support

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Whether you want out-of-the box software solutions to collect, aggregate and display reviews & user-generated content, or holistic advisory services, our team of global specialists can help.

Our offer centers on finding you the right review software solution to collect, moderate, display and distribute UGC. Regardless if you want to start, assess, maintain or optimize your plans, tools and activities, we have the knowledge and resources to support you.


Our client-centric philosophy makes us highly adaptable. We offer a broad range of customer review systems, from simple SaaS tools to highly customized solutions. We approach challenges holistically, our clients don't have to adjust to us, we adjust to them.


Our promise is to provide tailored review software services, that will increase the quality and quantity of your user-generated content such as ratings & reviews while optimising your return-on-investment.

Get in touch to find a comprehensive, tailored software solution that will increase both the quality and quantity of your UGC.

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